> > > Dave Abbruzzese On His Role In PJ20 Movie

Everyone remembers the unpleasant situation from this years’ Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame ceremony. Pearl Jam was inducted with honors, but somehow they have invited only one ex-member on stage that night. It was Dave Krusen, bands’ drummer from 1991. The rest of past members were mentioned in the speech. And that’s all. So you can guess that Dave Abbruzzese was quite pissed about the whole situation and wrote some words to comment whole thing.

dave abbruzzese pearl jam

Recently a fan under a name of Alvarito has posted this sentence on Dave’s Facebook profile: “Also in the Pearl Jam Twenty movie you were only there for Baba O Riley rehearsal only.”

Abbruzzese answered: “I know. Snub city, my man!”

Alvarito responded, “Understand completely my friend, they should of included more performances with you, but I guess pearl jam doesn’t care anymore, you defined history with them at their peak with Vs and Vitalogy they should of been more considerate with song choices, its because of you that Pearl Jam became the band they became.

It seems that support of your fans is really uplifting and emotional. On the other hand, we still don’t know what is wrong with Pearl Jam members. Don’t they see the huge amount of work Dave has done for the band? You can let us know what you think about it.