> > > Dariusz “Daray” Brzozowski Signs Deal With Alpha Omega Management

Polish heavy hitter has signed an artist deal with the worldwide management agency!

Dariusz “Daray” Brzozowski, drummer for such acts as Dimmu BorgirHunter and Vesania has recently signed a deal with international booking agency called Alpha Omega Management. It was the effect of the longitme friendship between the artist and CEO- Alex Azzali. Now Daray is available for studio sessions, drum clinics, as well as session drummer for tours etc.

Dariusz Daray Brzozowski

Here is the statement given by Daray himself:

Alex Azzali comments on what is going on: “We are truly pleased to welcome my long-time good friend and uncompromising drummer, DARAY, to our Artist Roster! While Daray has many engagements with DIMMU BORGIR and VESANIA, we will concentrate on his career at 360 degrees. We are looking forward to work with and for him worldwide, in several occasions, as studio sessions, drum clinics, as well as session drummer for tours, whenever his other engagements allow it. Stay tuned for next news and announcements!”

We wish Daray much luck and success with Alpha Omega Management!