> > > Dale Crover’s New Record Is Released On Playable Cymbal

Melvins drummer is never out of ideas!

Dale Crover is a very specific drummer. He has worked with such acts as Melvins, The Men of Porn and, for the short period of time, with grunge legend- Nirvana. He is best known for his vivid playing, using strange instruments and sometimes helping with vocals. He is a true creative artist. He has released his debut solo album last month and you can find some tracks online. He will release brand new single next month. It will be called Thunder Pinky and Dale thought about a good way to promote it. Especially when it comes to the format of the release…

Dale Crover MelvinsThe record also functions as a playable cymbal! It’s made of solid brass, and if you put it on a stand, it will sound like a small splash. This single is very limited, only 127 copies were made, each one cost $100. Unfortunately, all of these discs were already sold, and there is no option to get it. Maybe Dale will surprise us with another great idea,  the more available one… Let’s see the Pinky Thunder single in action: