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A very large amount of drummers have problems with wrists and elbows. Typically, these ailments are caused by incorrect techniques. It also happens that such pains result from the fact that we hit the rim-shooty from behind the head… Hyper Owl has designed a special band that allows you to exercise your forearm muscles.

Resistance Levels:

  • Green: Light (3kg or 6.6lb)
  • Blue: Moderate (4kg or 8.8lb)
  • Orange: Heavy (5kg or 11lb)

Learn to LOVE the drums again!!

Say Goodbye to Elbow Pain, and learn to LOVE the drums all over again! 😍💪Get yours 👉 https://hyperowl.com/bandsGet yours 👉 https://hyperowl.com/bandsElbow pain is common for drummers. The constant overuse of your forearm muscles will cause elbow pain, IF you don't take care of the muscles properly!You might be wondering, WHAT causes this annoying elbow pain?? Well, Tennis Elbow and Carpal Tunnel are caused by overuse and poor treatment of muscles in your wrists and forearm.Two of the main muscle groups in your forearm are the flexor muscles – used when squeezing your fingers – and extensor muscles – used when extending them.Since we're always using our flexor muscles and rarely using our extensors we create a muscular imbalance between the two, and BINGO, you guessed it…Elbow pain.Well, we're looking out for you! With our Finger Training Bands you can prevent elbow pain by training your extensor muscles safely! With three different resistance levels, Green, Blue and Orange, you'll sort out muscle imbalances in no time!What are you waiting for?? 👉 https://hyperowl.com/bands

Gepostet von Hyper Owl am Samstag, 16. Februar 2019

How to use:

  • Place finger loops over the end of your fingers
  • Open your hand (finger extension) as far as you can for 10 reps, then switch to the other hand.
  • After 3-8 sets on each hand, stretch your forearms and repeat in 24 – 48 hours. (Train at your personal level – don’t overtrain and hurt yourself!)

Unfortunately, we do not know how it works in practice, and whether it does not adversely affect the wrist. There have been cases where people playing tennis had problems with loosening the wrists while playing the drums.

Maybe it is a good time to test this invention on your own skin?