> > > Create your custom kit with Roland TD-25KV

Learn how to improve your custom sounds with this amazing kit!

Drummers are quite demanding people. They want to sound great, and they want their drums to sound like nobody else’s set. They want their drums to sound like a perfect match with the music. It’s of course a lot of time, heart and money. Sometimes it’s really hard to choose between many types of woods, different alloys and all the stuff, that can bother a drummer sooner or later. When electronic drums started to sound like a pro level wooden kits, many skinsman got the chance to finally find their sound. The same thing is with the Roland TD-25KV kit. You can expand your sonic horizons, create sounds, moderate them and save it in the module. We all know that, but here is an example of building the custom kit, presentet by the tallented Aaron Edgar. Give it a look:

There are so many useful options, aren’t there? It’s so easy going from John Bonham extra full sound, to modern snare sound. You can tune and muffle your drums with virtual blankets, pillows etc.- just like you do it in the real life. And it still sounds great and natural! If you want to know more about this kit and more cool stuff, please visit a Roland Company website. There are also a video presentation, some of them are made by Roland Endorser, polish mastermind of drums- Mariusz Mocarski. Give your creativity a shot, start now with ROland TD-25KV!