> > Cozy Powell memorial to be unveiled in January 2016

Campaign organised by fans turned out to be a big success

Cozy Powell was a well known drummer. He worked with such acts as Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake or Rainbow. His unique style and energetic performances made him a notable person in the world of rock drummers. He died in car crash on April 5 1998, when he was driving and talking to his girlfriend on the phone at the same time. Later police confirmed, that he was also drunk at the moment of the fatal crash.


His fans decided, that he should be well remembered. Rossella Amadori, who started the campaign, said, that he was a unique musician, and nobody put so much heart in every song like he did, no matter which genre he played. Whole action was totally successful, authorities agreed on creating such memorial, and the unveiling of the plaque will take place in Cozy’s hometown, Cirencester, on January 7 2016 !

Source of information: www.classicrock.teamrock.com