Beatt Test: Natal Pure Stave (Maple) Snare Drum

As we have already mentioned, we have recently received a sizable parcel from – an importer and distributor of many brands in the field of drums and percussion. Inside a few decent-sized boxes, we found all kinds of drums and accessories, which we were more than happy to check out. We have put a number of cymbals, gongs and snare drums under our microscope. This time it was a beautiful snare drum, Natal Pure Stave.

Dave Lombardo: I Feel For Young Drummers Who Rely Too Much On Technology

Dave Lombardo, ex-Slayer drummer, who currently plays in Suicidal Tendencies and Dead Cross has made a clear statement on young skinsmen relying too much on technology, sound correction and making the mistakes gone from the track. He gave his opinion about them in the recent radio interview with Sixx String Radio Show.

Roland SPD-SX Special Edition

Many professional musicians across the world rely solely on the Roland SPD-SX sampler. It’s solid, it works properly in different conditions, it can create, store and loop any sound you want, and you can simply rely on it. The SPD-SX is there for you, both in the studio and on stage. Now, Roland is making another step as they are upgrading the good old SPD-SX into the SPD-SX Special Edition!

Soon available