> > > Clem Burke joins Protection Racket family

Clem Burke, drummer for he legendary band Blondie has recently joined Protection Racket family. He is well known for being an ultimate rock skinsman also for such acts as The Ramones or Joan Jett. Clem was also included in Rolling Stones 100 Greatest Drummers Of All Time. His choice of drum cases was caused by years on the road, where gear must be protected extremely well.

(Photo by John Davisson/Invision/AP)

“When Protection Racket received a message from Blondie’s Clem Burke asking them to, ‘call me, call me any, anytime’ they didn’t leave him ‘hanging on the telephone’! It turns out he had been ‘Dreaming’ of Protection Racket cases for his drum kit for a ‘Longtime’,” said the firm in its pun-filled press release.

“‘One way or another’ Protection Racket decided they were gonna be Clem’s number one choice for cases by making them magnificent.” Seeing the musician with all his new drum cases, Dean Bowdery, Protection Racket founder and CEO, said it was “a sight worth seeing”.

We congratulate Clem and wish him a great time with Protection Rackets!