> > > Chris Slade on whether Axl Rose will record with AC/DC

AC/DC‘s guitarist, riff maker and leader, Angus Young, is rumoured to have no plans of ending the band’s career despite singer Brian Johnson‘s continued hearing loss problems rendering him unfit to step back on stage.

Australian press have published reports of Rose Tattoo singer, Angry Anderson, having allegedly said that he had been told by Angus during their meeting in Australia that the latter had plans to continue with Guns N’ Roses vocalist, Axle Rose.

Chris Slade (source: chrisslade.com)

When asked about it by a Duke TV journalist, Chris Slade – the current AC/DC drummer – said:

My lips are sealed and if I knew, I couldn’t say a word anyway. What I usually say is ‘If I tell you, I have to kill you.’ Which, perhaps, is not in good taste. I couldn’t even start to answer that, I’m afraid.”

Is there going to be an AC/DC album with Axl Rose as a singer after all?

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