> > Chris Adler is the new NITRO drummer

NITRO is back, and they picked Lamb of God drummer to play with them!

Not so long ago we had an opportunity to see Chris Adler performing with Megadeth He recorded one studio album with them, and everyone was happy, even such rock star as band leader- Dave Mustaine. But it’s over now, Alder came back to touring and working with his main act- Lamb of God. Until today. Today he posted a link on his facebook fanpage, and when we entered it, we foind some info and this picture:


After some speculations, here is the truth: Chris Adler is now the official drummer for the glam-metal legends from the late eighties- NITRO. The band is coming back after more than twenty years of silence. Chris states, that he is extremely ecstatic about all this. He also said, that is an honour and a big chance to work with such a big names. The names are: Jim Gillette- legendary vocalist, his voice was able to crack the glass (some people say that), and guitar virtuoso, even double and triple guitar maestro- Michael Angelo Batio. The band is now in the studio, working hard on the new CD, which should come up in Spring of 2017. What do you think about this situation?

Source of information: https://www.facebook.com/Chris-Adler-196137456576/