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Take a look at our Cherub DT-10 Drum Tuner test!

In the XXI century nodoby is shocked by devices such as electronic drum, guitar and bass tuners. Overtone Lab‘s Tune Bot is the leader in this category for many years, and it’s a sure shot, bestseller. Our viewers can watch our test, which we have done a couple years ago. (https://www.beatit.tv/tune-bot-prezentacja-stroika-perkusyjnego/).

We have recently recieved a brand new product made by a Chinese company named Cherub, which specialises in the production of music accessories such as metronomes, practice pads and tuners.


Product is put in the small, durable cardborad box. Inside we can find user’s manual in English and micro USB cable to charge the battery.



The device has a interesting and modern design. It’s made of metal, and we are not used to that with things made in china. It has  large, readable display, and it has no useless buttons. These are great things about this tuner. We have to mention, that it has very cool way of mounting it on the hoop.

cherub 1

This tuner has two buttons, which releases the mount, and it’s really easy to do and undo (producer ensures us, that the mount is compatible with every kind of hoop). Pressing these two buttons turns the device on, and it’s instantly ready to work.

cherub dt-10

Use of the device:

This product is really easy in use. It has generally one MARK button, which points the height of the sound, and makes further tuning a lot easier, it highlits the proper sounds by light marks. When you will hit the drumhead with a stick, it will show you a few colours, and here is the meaning:

  • Orange- too low sound
  • Green- proper sound
  • Red- too high sound

This function makes the tuning a lot quicker, and you don’t have to worry about the sound heights, because it will be shown on the display.

The second function of this button is turning the device on. It will turn on automatically by adjusting it to the hoop

Before you will start the tuning process, you should install the free DT TUNE Buddy app on your mobile device. It will help youspecify the way of tuning your drums soundwise.



You have to remember, that you have to mute the drumhead, that you will tune at the moment. You can use a towel, put it on the drum stool and than place a drum on it. Second important thing is the proper way of fitting the skin and tighten the lug screws evenly, so the tension will be the same.

Producer: http://www.cherubtechnology.com/index.php

Polish distribution: http://www.interklang.pl/

Provider: Avant Drum Shop

Final rate (4/5)


  • Interesting and durable work
  • easy at use
  • precise
  • big display


  • price
  • could not save the sound heights in the memory



Please take a look at our video presentation: