> > > Chad Smith Reacts To Fan’s Comment

Chad Smith, drummer from Red Hot Chili Peppers i very often mistaken for the comedian Will Ferrell. That’s what is clear to many drummers and drummerettes. People who are not interested in drumming or music are often curious of “what is Will Ferrell doing behind the drum kit in this cool band from California?”

These two gentelmens know eachother and they even had a drum off during Jimmy Fallon’s show. They tried to get one thing clear: who is better. At everything! Of course it was one big joke! Chad and Will are good buddies in private life. One fan decided to remind the RHCP sticksman of the past during a recent performance at the Los Angeles Musicians Institute by shouting out the comedians name on stage. At first glance Chad didn’t take too kindly to the joke, and yelled “SHUT UP” before storming off stage. Returning on stage, he addressed the fan asking: “Listen, are you a musician? You’re a drummer? Why did you say that?” When the fan revealed it was because he loved the drummer, the drummer responded: “You love me and go ‘oh Will Ferrell!” I’m not Will Ferrell, you idiot”. He added: “Nah I’m just f****ng with you. I don’t give a sh*t, I think it’s great! I’m f****ng famous because of Will Ferrell.” That’s the marvelous sense of humour by Chad Smith! You can watch the whole action in the video below.