> > > Chad Smith Jams With KU Basketball Band

Chad Smith, well known drummer, member of the legendary Red Hot Chili Peppers has no fear, and there is no challenge that he would deny. He played with buskers in the streets of London. He took part in the drumm-off with actor Will Ferrel during Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show”. He played with Pearl Jam on stage during one of the summer festivals. It has all been done. But that’s not enough for him. Two days ago he jammed with the KU Basketball Band during their match against Kentucky Wildcats!

Smith was wearing KU cap and t-shirt, and he was spotted by few member of the band. They came up with a chant, asking Smith to come jam with them. Chad agreed, and sat behind the drum kit. During the time out they played a cover of  “Fire” originally by Jimi Hendrix. People were really cheered, and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer gave them all he got. As usual. You can watch the video below. Remember- practice will make you a great musician or sportsman. All in all both options are great!