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Carmine Appice tells stories of his life and rock and roll adventures

Drummer Carmine Appice, when promoting his recent autobiography Stick It: My Life of Sex, Drums and Rock N Roll, has recently been interviewed by radio.foxnews.com.

Both in the book and the interview, the drumming legend discusses growing up in Brooklyn with the mob around, leaving gangs for music, the massive success with Vanilla Fudge (which influenced the style of the great John Bonham), partying with Jimmy Hendrix, sharing a house with an unknown young musician by the name of Prince in the early 1970’s.

Stick It: My Life of Sex, Drums and Rock N Roll

Carmine Appice also talks about his activities as a teacher, working with Rod Stewart, with whom he co-wrote the massive hit Do Ya Think I’m Sexy, as well as his stint with Ozzy Osbourne, when he enraged Ozzy’s wife/manager Sharon Osbourne to the point that she decided to sabotage the man’s drum solo during a show and eventually fired him from Ozzy’s band.

Definitely worth a listen!

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