> > Cardboard drumkit by Obilab

It may look strange, but it actually produces sound!

Drums are well known for being expensive, loud, inconvenient, long to assemble and almost impossible to carry around, for those exact reasons, drum teachers encourage students to make their own, homemade, drumset. That is why Obilab created the DRUMKIT: an ethical instrument that solves these five problematics at the same time. It’s totally made of cardboard, so you will probably ask: how does it sound? Just listen to it in the video below:

It looks rather like a toy, or as it was written before, something made by student. But it’s also very practical and inspiring. You can watch more movies, hear even more sounds and see the user’s reactions, or just simply support this project by clicking on https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1003529855/the-cardboard-drumkit