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All around the world drummers are struggling with one problem: how to be the best skinsman ever? There are many ways. Some of us are practising for ten or more hours a day, some of us are learning in the best possible schools, thought by the best teachers that we can possibly imagine and some of us just want to look as the greatest, so we are sitting behing enormous drum kits, which are rotating, throwing flames and glowing in the dark. Is there the one and only way to be the greatest? We don’t know that. But we can show you, how Brann Dailor is doing his thing. Check out his deadly funny routine powered by Revolver magazine. Maybe it will inspire you just a bit:


It’s the perfect way to be “intense”. You will need some EGGS, BEER, FUNNY CLOTHES, PUSH UPS, PULL UPS and some intense RUNNING. You can also play your drums, but is it worth it? We can assure you, that it’s really explosive workout, and it will make you grin! If you have a better way to get in shape- describe it in the comments!