> > Brady Drum Company closes its business

Australian drum manufacture closes after 35 years due to main founder health issues


One of the best known manufactures which produces handcrafted drums ends its work. Brady Drum Company gained popularity because of its high quality snar drums and drum sets made of rare Australian wood, such as jarrah (eucalyptus family), marr or wandoo.


The reason behind this decision are health issues of the founder and main craftsmen, Chris Brady. He went through a lot recently, including a mild stroke, which happily enough haven’t affected his health that much. Unfortunatelly he still continues to battle some other serious illnessess, and it stops him from the proper way of work. According to the Australian law, the company can still be able to work, and there are some possibilities of moving it abroad, or go under protection of some bigger manufacturer. In the statement which can be found on the facebook profile of Brady Drum Company, Brady’s management reject these options, and put in doubt the quality of production after that kind of solutions.

Brady family will retain the company name, and Chris will develop some of his ideas about snares and drum sets from time to time. We invite you to take a look at the official statement on facebook.com/bradydrums.

Source text: www.facebook.com/bradydrums