> > > Brad Wilk reveals Audioslave broke up before the first album

Audioslave – a band formed by Soungarden’s singer/guitarist Chris Cornell and three Rage Against The Machine members (Tom Morello on guitar, Tim Commerford on bass, Brad Wilk on drums) – is possibly one of the best supergroups in rock history, certainly in the generation of 90s greats.

Audioslave drummer on the band's problems

From left to right: B. Wilk, T. Morello, C. Cornell, T. Commerford (photo credit: consequenceofsound.net)

According to Brad Wilk‘s account for Let There Be Talk podcast, the situation in the band was far from idyllic after their selftitled debut album was recorded, and before it was released. The band actually broke up at that point. The drummer describes it like this:

It was incredible when he [Chris Cornell] actually did come down, and all of a sudden we’re writing music. We were such a prolific band, we wrote music really quickly. He had a hard time, he was going through hard times as well during that time. We were just getting to know him, before the record even came out we already had him in the process of trying to get him clean. We already broke up, Audioslave broke up before the first record even came out. So that was frustrating because we had this record in the can, and then we weren’t a band. That was tough. But we got it together, he got it together, and we were able to make three records.”

After the group split up in 2007, they reunited in January 2017 for one gig. Audioslave‘s comeback plans were blighted by Cornell’s self-inflicted death in May last year.

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