> > > Beyerdynamic presents new TG Drum Mic Sets

Beyerdynamic is restructuring their popular TG Drum mic sets. Brand new microphone sets will include the bass drum boundary microphone TG D71, which is perfect for the bass drum as well as cajon and other percussion instruments.

The newly compiled beyerdynamic TG Drum mic sets are available in a selection of models: PRO S, PRO M, PRO L and PRO XL. Each of them is currently available with the TG D71 boundary model. The TG Drum mic sets come in durable soft carrying cases with protective molded foam padding and enough space for additional microphones. These microphone packages meet both the needs of beginners and experienced professional drummers on the stage and in the recording studio. Another feature worthy of mentioning is that even though the sets now include the TG D71 boundary microphone, their retail prices have not increased.
The recommended retail prices are: $699 for the TG Drum Set PRO S, $999 for the TG Drum Set PRO M, $1499.99 for the TG Drum Set PRO L and $2999.00 for the TG Drum Set PRO XL. The new TG Drum sets are available for purchase from selected retailers and at www.beyerdynamic.com.
TG Drum PRO XL set contains:
  • 1x Bass drum Boundary microphone TG D71
  • 2x Condenser microphones D57c for Tom Toms (cardioid, Clip-On)
  • 3x Condenser Microphones D58c for Snare/Tom Toms (cardioid, Clip-On)
  • 2x Condenser microphones MC 930 for overhead (cardioid)
  • 1 Condenser microphone MC 950 for Hi-hat (super-cardioid)
  • Solid M Bag Drum Softbag with protective foam insert and space for additional microphones and accessories
  • Microphone clips