> > > Bernard Purdie Says He Learned Every Type Of Music

Legendary drummer talks about his versitality

Everybody knows and loves Bernard Purdie. This gifted drummer with extremely great timing and groove is an innovator in funk music, invented his famous “Purdie Shuffle” and worked with such great acts as James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis, Qiuncy Jones or Jeff Beck. In the recent interview for Morning Shift he said, that he has mastered playing every type o music.

Bernard Purdie Shuffle

“I learned every type of music there is to learn,” Purdie said about his musical beginnings.

“You name it, I did it. But it was just a way of making sure that you know what’s going on — and get the music, get the people to dance.”

“I know how to play to a vocalist,” Purdie said about his experience working with famous vocalists. “I get inside them. And that was part of my energy that my teacher, Mr. Haywood — he says, ‘You listen, you never, never overplay when they’re singing. And if you do this, they will like you, they will appreciate you, and they will pay you.’ ”

Of course we can’t imagine mr. Purdie playing some extreme metal, bu it’s understandable. In his “golden age” there was no such genres as extreme, fast and brutal music with equally brutal and fast drumming. We can all consider him as a very versatile drummer. He worked with many artists from different genres, and he did great job. We wish him all the best, most of all strenght to carry on and constant smile on his face!

Source: https://www.wbez.org/