> > > BeatIt Test: Zildjian Brilliant Finish Cymbal Polish

As en.beatit.tv viewers know, over the past few months, we have increased our drum gear testing activities regardless of what manufacturers they come from. Actually, we can’t seem to kick the habit but we’re not planning to stop, to be quite honest. Checking drum hardware in action (we’ve had cymbal stands, hi hat stands, snare stands, bass drum pedals), bashing on drum kits, snare drums, drum heads and testing brushes, mallets or cymbals is nothing but sheer fun to drum freaks such as ourselves.

Talking about cymbals… Courtesy of the official Zildjian distributor in Poland – the ADA Music company – we have received a cymbal cleaning polish called Zildjian Brilliant Finish Cymbal Polish for testing. We just could not resist…

zildjian cymbal cleaner

1. Packaging and product

The cleaning polish is inside a plastic bottle which is very much like a bottle of shampoo, body creme or lotion. Were it not for the black label with a distinct, white Zildjian logo, one could easily put the product on the bathroom shelf and nobody would notice. The capacity of the bottle measures 227g, which may seem a bit strange to Europeans. However, let us not forget that the unit used for such products in the imperial system is the ounce, and 227g is the metric equivalent of 8 ounces.

As the name suggests, the “beauty product” is for use only on brilliant finis cymbals. All we had to do was get a cymbal of that sort (which we have a lot of) and…go!

zildjian polish

2. The test

Our test of the Zildjian Brilliant Finish Cymbal Polish was carried out in proper studio conditions. 😉 Obviously, it was because we do all our testing in such a room, no matter what type of product is being put under the microscope.

In order to perform the test, we got soft, disposable cloths. Having put some of the cleaning polish onto one of them, we applied it on the surface of a Zildjian A Custom crash and proceeded to spread the substance with the help of a fresh cloth. Having thoroughly rubbed the polish off by hand, we decided to be slightly adventurous, so we took a drill driver out of our tool box and put a polishing attachment on it. See the result on the video illustration!

zildjian a custom polish

3. Our impressions

Just by polishing the dirty cymbal by hand, we already achieved satisfactory results, but the drill driver with a polishing attachment on worked miracles! The A Custom looked as if it had just come off a production line! Please, remember one thing: do not apply the Zildjian Brilliant Finish Cymbal Polish onto cymbal inscriptions (that is, if you prefer to have them on your cymbals).

zildjian cymbal cleaner

4. Basic product specification

  • Brand: Zildjian
  • Product: Zildjian Brilliant Finish Cymbal Polish
  • Application: Brilliant finish cymbals
  • Package capacity: 8oz.


  • Removes fingerprints
  • Removes dirt
  • Removes verdigris stains
  • Cleans to high gloss


  • Removes cymbal inscriptions