> > > Beatit Test: Wuhan Hand-Made China 20″ With Rivets

We have recently picked up a package sent to us by our friends in DrumStore drum shop in Gdynia. When the delivery man has arrived, he gave us a few reallly big boxes. We were really excited to check what was inside! Boxes were full of cymbals, gongs, snare drums and other cool stuff. We didn’t want to waste time, so we quickly began testing all this awesome stuff. Today we are testing an unique cymbal Wuhan Hand-Made China 20″ With Rivets. Let’s do it!

We are testing Wuhan Hand Made China 20″ With Rivets

Wuhan logo

1.Package and overall look

The cymbal was packed in typical plastic bag, so no surprises here. It looks like a solid piece of metal. Briliant finish mixed with raw looking bell gives it a true character. The surface of the cymbals has a lot of hammering marks- it looks really stunning! At the back we will wind a large black company logo and the name of the model.

Wuhan cymbals

2. Product

Wuhan Hand-Made China 20″ With Rivets  is made of B20 bronze alloy. It sounds very loud, dark and piercing. The built-in rivets makes the sound even louder, more washy, like a spilled grains of sand. The cymbal resonates quite loud, and if you want to hear the full sound you must hit it pretty hard. It doesn’t mean that it’s not good for situations, where you will have to hit it with brushes or hot-rods. In this case you will get very interesting, washy and even jazzy sounds!

3. Testing

The cymbal was tested in studio conditions. It was hung on the stand and hit multiple times to wake the sound, and left to resonate. Every hit was done with different amount of power.

4. Summary

Wuhan Hand-Made China 20″ With Rivets is one loud, sandy and great looking cymbal. It’s a good choice in it’s price level (about 200$), and we are pretty shure, that it can satisfy even the most fussy drummer. We are not amazed by its sound, but we believe, that it can find its place as the original efect cymbal or some part of the stack.

Manufacturer: http://wuhancymbalsandgongs.com/

Rate: 3,5/5


  • Solid made cymbal
  • Great looking


  • Difficult to control
  • Too noisy
  • Rivets are quite useless here