> > > BeatIt Test: Wuhan Hand-Made China 18″

We have recently picked up a package sent to us by our friends in DrumStore drum shop in Gdynia. When the delivery man has arrived, he gave us a few reallly big boxes. We were really excited to check what was inside! Boxes were full of cymbals, gongs, snare drums and other cool stuff. We didn’t want to waste time, so we quickly began testing all this awesome stuff. Today we are testing very interesting china- Wuhan Hand-Made China 18″. Let’s do it!

Wuhan Hand-Made China 18″: Our Test

Wuhan Hand Made China 18" gong

1.Package and overall look

The cymbal was packed in the typical plastic bag, so there’s no revelations here. It looks like a solid piece of metal. What makes it look so special is the briliant finish with a raw looking bell. The surface of the cymbal has a lot of hammering marks, and it gives this china even more character!

Wuhan Cymbals and Gongs

2. The Product

Wuhan china sounds very loud, piercing and dark. It resounds quite long, and if you want to hear its full sound you must hit it pretty hard. It doesn’t mean, that it will be not siutable for lighter situations, where you will get the not-so-typical washy sound. It may be good for jazz or hip-hop drummers.

3. Testing

This cymbal was tested in studio condidtions. We put it on the stand and started to wake and turn down the sound. It was hit singly, to hear it fade and then with series of hits to increase the loudness. It was also hit softly to get all the sonic range out of it.

4. Summary

Wuhan Hand-Made China 18″  is a loud and solid looking cymbal. When it comes to quality and price comparison, it’s really worth its price. Another cool fact is that this china is entirely made of B20 Bronze, so that makes it one of the cheapest cymbals available on the market! We are not impressed by its sound, but we are pretty sure, that it will find its place as a specific effect cymbal or even part of the loud stack. głośny i solidnie wyglądający talerz. W stosunku jakości do ceny jest to naprawdę dobry produkt. Warto również dodać, że jest całkowicie wykonany z brązu B20, co czyni go najtańszym talerzem z tego materiału dostępnym na rynku. Jego cena to ok. 430 zł. Nas jego brzmienie nie powala, ale jesteśmy świadomi, iż znajdzie ona swoje zastosowanie zarówno jako osobny i specyficzny talerz efektowy, jak i jedna z części stacka.

Website: http://wuhancymbalsandgongs.com/

Distribution in Poland: http://drumstore.pl/

Score: 3,5/5


-Solid made cymbal

-Interesting look


-Difficult to control

-Too loud