> > > BeatIt Test: Wuhan Chau Gong 15″

We have recently picked up a package sent to us by our friends in DrumStore drum shop in Gdynia. When the delivery man has arrived, he gave us a few reallly big boxes. We were really excited to check what was inside! Boxes were full of cymbals, gongs, snare drums and other cool stuff. We didn’t want to waste time, so we quickly began testing all this awesome stuff. Today we are focusing on very interesting Wuhan Chau Gong 15″.

Wuhan Chau Gong 15″: Our Test

1.Package and the overall look

Gong was packed in the plastic bag, just like other Wuhan’s products tested by us earlier. After removing it from the bag we saw a really nice, original looking and quite heavy gong. It’s  edge and middle was not processed, and looked really raw. These raw parts have a lot of spots after the hammering process. On the processed side there is a large Wuhan logo and the name of the model (we still don’t know why “Hand Made China” is written there). The finish of the processed part is briliant. There is a rope belt for hanging the gong, it looks pretty solid.

2. Product

Everybody knows how the real gong should sound. Majestic, just like they did it back in the times of the Ming Dynasty! Unfortunately we didn’t hear that. It’s only 15″, so when we hit it with the mallet it sounded… Originally. But it wasn’t a typical drum sound. But it also wasn’t bad. It was quite trashy, but the sound was gone after a few seconds. After that there was only annoying ringing left. Making it sound properly takes a lot of time, because emerging the sound starts also with this annoying ringing. You just have to hit it hard.

3. Testing

The instrument was hung on special hook in the rehearsal room. Gong was whiped up with mallets with different force, and it was left to sonically die out. Every hit was executed harder every time.

4. Summary

Wuhan Chau Gong 15″ is a very specific instrument. Although it’s quite small, it sounds really oriental and trashy. Unfortunately its sound is too short. After really nic and loud punch there is only an irritating ringing. Making it sound right takes a lot of patience and time, so if you want to wake it softly- you will have some difficulties. We think that it can be a very nice option for every drummer who likes to experiment a little bit with original sounds. It costs approx. 150$.

Our Score: 4/5

Distribution in Poland: http://drumstore.pl/

Website: http://wuhancymbalsandgongs.com/