> > > BeatIt Test: Natal Hand Hammered Old Bronze Snare Drum

We have recently picked up a package sent to us by our friends in DrumStore drum shop in Gdynia. When the delivery man has arrived, he gave us a few reallly big boxes. We were really excited to check what was inside! Boxes were full of cymbals, gongs, snare drums and other cool stuff. We didn’t want to waste time, so we quickly began testing all this awesome stuff. Today we are focusing on beautiful instrument- Natal Hand Hammered Old Bronze snare drum. Let’s check it out!

Natal Hand Hammered Old Bronze: Our test

1.Package and the overall look

This drum was packed in the cardboard box with the large company logo on it. There was more cardboard pieces inside, surely for safety reasons, and the snare itself. Nothing more, nothing less. After unpacking we saw a truly magnificent and well made instrument. The finish is simply phenomenal! Brown colour fits great with marks from the hammering process. The round, custom made Sun lugs are slightly darker than the hoops, and makes this drum look even better!Natal Snare Drum Package

2. Product

This snare drum is equipped with smooth Tri-Throw snare strainer and 2,3 mm hoops. It’s really sharp drum. And by “sharp” we mean VERY LOUD! If you need an instrument, which will produce a clear sounding notes with a little bit of ghost notes around it- better think twice. In this case even ghost notes are loud as hell! All in all, this drum projects very nice rimshots, and it will surely cut through the wall of roaring guitars. The overall sound of Natal Hand Hammered Old Bronze is really similar to the popular Ludwig Supraphonic series, which is great. We were really pleased with playing on this snare drum.

Natal Snare Drum Overall look

3. Testing

After the unpacking we have tuned the drum a little bit higher. We played a solid dose of paradiddles and patterns with the snare on and off. After doing this the snare  was attached to the whole kit. It was Natal Arcadia Rock (24″, 13″ and 16″), which was a perfect choice for our subject. This drum mixed with big sizes of other pieces sounded really huge! John Bonham would be proud- it was perfect! If you want to take the rock and roll game one step further- pick this bronze champ up!

Natal Snare Drum mechanism

4. Summary

Natal Hand Hammered Old Bronze is one loud and beautiful instrument. It’s perfect for rock music, where the big sound and cutting through guitars is required. It’s really made for that. For us it’s a great drum, but it’s definately too loud, and it’s  difficult to control (ghost notes are also too visible). For all of the Bonzo lovers- it’s a piece for you, so pick it up, have fun and make a good use of it in the studio, rehearsal rooms or on stage. It has a bright potential, and we highly recommend it!

Manufacturer: http://www.nataldrums.com/

Dystribution in Poland: http://drumstore.pl/

Rate: 4/5


  • Beautifully made, great looks
  • Great rimshot sound
  • smooth snare strainer


  • Too loud
  • Difficult to control while playing quiet