> > > Aric Improta Presents The First Part Of His Artistic Project

Great idea, great drummers and great drumming!

Aric Improta is simply an ultimate volcano of energy while on stage. We saw his solo performance durign this year’s edition of Meinl Drum Festival in Gutenstetten, Germany and we were simply blown away by this guy. He was playing not only using drumsticks, but also with his entire body. Backflips, jumps from drumthrone- it was there! His groovy and full of ideas expression was mixed with screaming, using microphone effects, playing on mic stands, hoops, bell and stuff, that  typical drummer doesn’t use. It was pure fire!

Aric Improta Meinl

Currently Aric is busy releasing his artistic project, on which he has worked for more than a year. First part of the whole is called “Groove” and it came out a few days ago. The idea behind this is an artistic attempt to exlpain four terms used in music, especially in drumming. These terms are: groove, creativity, chops and intensivity. In order to do that Aric invited his fellow drummers to do an interesting thing. His request to them was that they send him a recording/video of their raw interpretation of these terms. For purposes of consistency, each recording would be eight bars of 4/4 at 120 BPM. After receiving the material it was edited into one piece. Aric and his bandmates from Night Verses have composed the music to every drummers’ idea, and the effect was thrilling! Here is the full list of the drummers who took part in this project:

Anup Sastry

JP Bouvet


Craig Reynolds

Elmo Lovano

Brody Simpson

Charlie Engen

Alex Rüdinger

Troy Wright

Joe Arrington

Aric Improta

Garrett Harney

Adam Tuminaro

Josh Manuel

Ian Chang

As you can see the list is pretty impressive. So is the video. We just can’t wait for another piece of art by Aric and friends! We have also done something like this a few years ago. The difference was in the general idea. We wanted to create a piece of music, which will imitate a running train. Drummers, who wanted to take part in this process were supposed to send us a 30 second video at 118 BPM, on which he or she wolud imitate sounds of train on their drum kit. Take a look at the final effect:



Who knows, maybe we will organise competition like this again?