> > > Anika Nilles presents her brand new Tama Star Bubinga kit

Anika Nilles is one of the most apriciated drummerettes in the world. Her musical abilities, feeling and cosmic groove are out of hand! She became popular after posting some cool videos on YouTube. Her playing was a way different. It was complicated and groovy at one time. Now Anika is touring with her band Nevell and conducts drum workshops all around the world. She is truly unique, and that’s why she needs an unique kit. Now she proudly endorses Tama drums and it’s time for us to show you her new “candy” – Tama Star Bubinga.

This unique kit comes in special Orange finish, which was designed by Anika and specialists from Tama headquaters. As she said: nobody can have the same kit as me, it’s impossible. Cool thing is that the finish is put also inside of the shells. The configuration is:

  • 15″x20″ Bass Drum
  • 7″x10″ Tom Tom
  • 8″x12″ Tom Tom
  • 8″x14″ S.L.P. Big Black Steel Snare Drum
  • 16″x16″ Floor Tom
  • 6″x14″ STAR Solid Zebrawood Snare Drum

Check out the video of Anika talking about this beautiful kit!