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U2 Drummer brings new quality to Alice Cooper’s Music

Alice Cooper is a legendary rockman. He has been rocking the stage for over 50 years, and he is still going strong. He has had hit songs all around the world, plays big tours and right now his 27th album called “Paranormal”  is out. Alice talked about his newest musical baby, and about the guests, who appeared on this record. One of them is really mismatching the dark, horrific style of Mr. Cooper. This guy is Larry Mullen Jr., U2 drummer. The singer said that he loves his playing, but there was something more about Larry that shocked Alice.

Alice Cooper Paranormal

Larry was great – he came in and he goes: ‘Let me see the lyrics’. I’ve never had a drummer ask me for the lyrics. He said: ‘I interpret the lyrics in the drums’, and I said: ‘Well absolutely then – here’s all the lyrics’. That’s how he plays. He really did a great job on the album, says Alice Cooper.

Using Larry Mullen on drums was really different,” Cooper told NME. To bring the U2 drummer into an Alice Cooper world gave us a different flavour.

You can listen to an official single “Paranormal”, from the 27th Alice Cooper album. Listen to drum parts and give us your opinion. Is Larry Mullen Jr. doing good job in this song?

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