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How to use your cymbals without breaking them? Matt Halpern will tell you how to do it!

Periphery drummer, Matt Halpern, likes to help other drummers. He gives lessons, leads workshops and shares some drum samples through his newest idea- GetGood Drums. He thought, that it would be great to show other drum smashers how to make their cymbals last longer, and don’t break so fast. In this instructional video made for Gear Gods, which we post below, he gives you really cool and precious advice. It will really work, and you will play your favourite cymbals a lot longer!

Check this clip out, and don’t forget, that there is Meinl Drum Festival coming soon, and Matt will be a part of it! The event will take place on September 17, in Roma Theater, Warsaw, Poland. Come and experience some great drumming!

Source of information: geargods.net