> > > Abe Cunningham Presents New Products From Vater

Deftones drummer knows how to advertise a product!

Abe Cunningham is the drummer of the legendary Deftones. Las year this hard grooving skinsman was announced an endorser of Vater Drumsticks. His signature model is called Cool Breeze and it’s a slightly thicker and longer version on a typical 5B stick. It’s perfect for hard hitting drummers, and Abe is definately one of them. It’s also lighter and very durable. Vater Percussion posted two new video showing Abe talking about their new goods. The way he makes it will make you smile!

Abe cunningham Vater

Another new product from Vater advertised by Abe is the new Vater Grip Tape. It’s linen based and very durable, absorbent and dries quickly, while offering a very comfortable grip. Available in Black, Blue, Pink, Red, White and Yellow and is re-usable. Abe thinks, that playing without this tape is like hell on earth. Listen to his wise words!

What do you think about Abe being an advertiser? And what do you think about the new products from Vater? We have met Abe during this years’ NAMM Show and we must admit that he is one of the funniest guys ever.