> > > A very well-preserved Buddy Rich kit

Larry Ochiltree, drummer and Buddy Rich fan from Battle Creek, Mich., USA, owns a Slingerland drum kit that used to belong to his hero. As the picture clearly shows, the owner has beautifully taken care of this wonderful instrument. Tomorrow, he is going to use the kit at the Paw Paw Wine and Harvest Festival with the Kalamazoo Big Band.

Larry Ochiltree

Larry Ochiltree and his Buddy Rich Slingerland Black Diamond Pearl drum kit

Here are a few words from Larry Ochiltree himself:

I started drumming when I was right about 7 years old. I remember seeing Buddy Rich on the Tonight Show and that was the moment for me. It was through the motivation of watching him that I thought I just want to do this. This kit is a true 1968 kit. Every time Buddy came into town, he would use this kit. He used it about 12 times. He was notorious for giving his drum sets away. This concert we’re doing is only the second time this kit has been out in well over 20 years. If you were a baseball player, just imagine this is Babe Ruth’s baseball bat. It commands a little bit different type of respect when you play them. I’m just trying to carry on the tradition of what his music meant.

Buddy used this kit back in Chicago for some small group thing that he was doing at the time with some local musicians. It’s rare because he always used White Marine Pearl finish and this is the only Black Diamond Pearl ever he used. I’ve got photos of him with it and everything. The bass drum is smaller than his normal one. Usually, he used a 24″ and this is 14″x22″. I bought the kit back in 1984. I’ve got all the original cases and hardware. This hardware you’re seeing is Ludwig but I’ve got all the original stands, too. It’s such a joy to play these drums again. I can’t guarantee you that I will do the full Buddy Rich swearing at the band. That may happen, but come and check the drum kit!“.