> > > Fan invites Dave Grohl to Poznań, Poland

Magda, a Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters fan from Poznań, Poland, invites her heroes to her hometown. A few days ago, she was at a club called Meskalina and spoke openly about her dream, which is to have Dave perform there, solo or with the band. As she was laughed at by some of her friends there, she thought it wasn’t right and that dreams should be made come true. The young lady then came up with a not-so-typical way of reaching out to Dave and the lads and convincing them to visit the beautiful Polish city. She made a video directly addressing her idol, which has already gained significant popularity on the Internet, where she, in a light and witty way, explains the reasons behind making this invitation:

Hello, Dave! My name is Magda and I live in Poznań, Poland. There’s a club in this town famous for exceptional concerts. The club is called Meskalina. You can have your own associations with the name but I’d rather they were only musical. A few days ago, I was jeered at the club. You were the reason, unfortunately. I told my friends that my dream was to have a shot of vodka there with you. And when you came here, you could also play a few songs for us. They laughed at me saying I was a freak and an incurable dreamer. I said that Foo Fighters were going to play at Meskalina and I was gonna bend over backwards and bring Dave over there. Dreams come true. Don’t they, Dave?

Here is a message from Magda to all of us:

Hi! Do you believe that dreams come true? Because I do. In order to make one of them happen, I’mm gonna need your help. I would love Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters to come to Poznań, Poland, and play a concert at the Meskalina club. I don’t know his address or anybody who might know him. However, believing in the six degrees of separation theory, I think this message will reach Dave. Please, share my video letter. May it travel the world, and perhaps Dave will see it. I’d really love that to happen. Keep your fingers crossed and see you at he concert!