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Modern Drummer test useful iOS apps

Have you evenr wondered which iOS apps would be the best for your playing? We list the most important features each of them has and, at the bottom of the page, we include the clip Modern Drummer have made.

  • TEMPO (2,99$) – one of the best metronome apps out there. Its functional interface features numerous options, such as 35 different time signatures and the ability to customize accents, to name just two.
  • TEMPO SlowMo (free) – slows down any song in your music library without changing its pitch. An amazing learning tool.
  • Drum Tuning Calculator (free) – built as compatible with the Tune-Bot drum tuner but any pitched instrument (keyboard, guitar) will do the job. Helps tune single drums as well as a whole kit.
  • theDrumDictionary (free/3,99$) – good for rudiment-seekers. The basic version offers 40 rudiments, a number of grooves and a metronome.
  • Drum Guru (2,99$-3,99$ per lesson pack) – offers lesson packs from the biggest names such as Peter Erskine or Aaron Spears. Each pack includes 4 to 10 videos.
  • Jammit (4,99$-5,99$ per song) – unlike Drum Guru, Jammit doesn’t teach classic beats from established players. It allows you to BE the drummer on your fav songs. Jammit contains the original master recordings of the songs, breaking out the instruments into separate channels with their own faders. You can also record your performances and document them.
  • Peter Erskine App Collection ($9.99–$11.99 each) – similar to Jammit, created by Peter Erskine. You can buy a pack of many play-anlongs, record your performances, print charts or event email them.
  • Groove Freedom ($4.99per month, $26.99 for six months, or $49.99 for a year, iPad only) – a very advanced app by Mike Johnston, which is an interactive version of his Groove Freedom book. Allows full volume, tempo, pan and limb control. Updated with new exercises on a regular basis.
  • PercussionTutor (4.99$) – dedicated to percussion players. Offers many unique rhythms from all over the world, which are grouped according to their country of origin, includes many instruments, a metronome and numerous progress-monitoring functions.

Here is a video taking a closer look at the apps:


Check all of them out and feel free to share your opinions!

Source: www.moderndrummer.com