> > Ex- Slayer drummer quits his band PHILM

Lombardo: I ended PHILM!

In a recent radio interview drummer refused to talk about his departure from Philm. He just said “I’m not gonna talk about it. They didn’t want me to promote the band while I was with them, and I’m certainly not gonna do it when I’m without them.”. He briefly added “I don’t wanna talk about it anymore. Yeah, so I just said, ‘See ya!”. Lombardo also complained about his bandmates’ suggestions on changing his style of drumming. “[They said] ‘Don’t play hard. We want you to play a little softer.’ I said, ‘Nope.'”. He posted a statement, which you can find on his facebook fanpage. The musician wrote: To be clear: I did not “exit” PHILM, I ENDED PHILM. Thank you to all who supported that band”. 


Lombardo is currently working on his brand new thrash/punk project LP. The band is called Dead Cross.

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